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Webshoptime – Seoboost BV maakt gebruik van cookies op onze websites. Dit doen wij om onze websites te analyseren en optimaal te laten functioneren, om onze dienstverlening te verbeteren, voor sociale media en voor het tonen van relevante advertenties op andere websites.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are temporarily placed on your PC, tablet or mobile phone by an internet page. The following websites place cookies or similar technologies:

Below you can read which cookies we use with their functionality.

Functional cookies

Thanks to these cookies you do not always have to enter or download the same information when you return to us. Consider storing products in your shopping cart or remembering a login. In addition, the chat function with our service desk is made possible through cookies.

Tawk Chat (deleted after the session)

Analytical cookies

Webshoptime uses Google Analytics to investigate the use of the websites in order to gain insight into how and how often websites and pages are visited. On the basis of this information, Webshoptime can make adjustments and improvements and Webshoptime ensures that the websites continue to function optimally. Web shop time processes anonymous statistics about visits to the websites.

Google Analytics (30 days)

Marketing cookies

Web shop time uses cookies from Google and Facebook for marketing purposes. With the help of these cookies we can display our advertisements on partner sites and social media. Visitors who have previously shown an interest in our products or services may see Webshoptime offers on other websites.

Google Doubleclick (18 months)

Facebook (max 2 years)

Would you rather not have cookies?

Cookies can be easily removed via your browser. Keep in mind that the websites may not work optimally without cookies. Below is a list of the most used browsers and a link to more information about removing cookies:

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