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With its current website, BVBA SEOBOOST aims to allow any interested party to become acquainted with the goods and services that BVBA SEOBOOST will be delivered. The rules and conditions listed below apply to the use of the website of the BVBA SEOBOOST and every visitor to the website is bound by these rules and conditions. The visitor to the website explicitly agrees that he himself is responsible for regularly reviewing these rules and conditions in order to know the most current version thereof.

1. Access to the website

All information, both in the form of text, files and images and in any other form is provided by BVBA SEOBOOST for informational purposes only.

Any interested person may take note of this information, but BVBA SEOBOOST reserves the right to change the rules and conditions regarding access to the use of the website, or the restrict the entire website or parts thereof.

The access to such private parts of the website can be made dependent on the provision of information by the visitor / user of the website. The visitor / user who supplies this information explicitly agrees that this information becomes the property of BVBA SEOBOOST and that by mere communication of information to BVBA SEOBOOST, the latter is given the explicit permission to use information in accordance with the privacy policy from BVBA SEOBOOST.

Providing access to the private part of the website of BVBA SEOBOOST through the use of user names and passwords, can be changed or refused by BVBA SEOBOOST at any time without this leading to any compensation.

2. Liability with regard to the information displayed

All information as found on the website of BVBA SEOBOOST in the form of texts, documents, images, databases or others is made available by BVBA SEOBOOST without this entailing any guarantee or guarantee on the part of BVBA SEOBOOST with regard to availability , deliverability or adaptability for commercial or private purposes.

BVBA SEOBOOST therefore assumes no liability whatsoever with regard to the use of texts, documents, images or other information from this website, nor regarding the implementation.

3. Present links

In order to facilitate the visit of the website of BVBA SEOBOOST for the user, links to websites of third parties were made.

The visitor is free to use these links or not.

Any damage resulting from the use of the proposed links therefore falls outside the liability of BVBA SEOBOOST as it does not provide any guarantee with regard to the use of these third-party sites or with regard to the information provided on these sites.

The user of the website who ascertains that a link present on the website would be incorrect or would not function, may report this to BVBA SEOBOOST at any time.

BVBA SEOBOOST reserves the right to add new links or remove existing links at any time.

4. Protection of intellectual rights

The logo, as well as the company name of BVBA SEOBOOST belong to its own copyright and may under no circumstances be reproduced or displayed without the permission of BVBA SEOBOOST.

The presence of other trade names or brand names or the website of BVBA SEOBOOST takes place after the express permission of the rights holders.

BVBA SEOBOOST nevertheless bears no liability whatsoever for the presence of information on its website that might infringe the intellectual rights of third parties.

Parties who believe that their intellectual rights have been violated by an unauthorized use of their work on the website of BVBA SEOBOOST are kindly invited to inform BVBA SEOBOOST as soon as possible, which will then take the necessary steps to at least temporarily remove the infringing material. remove the website.

5. Privacy Policy

In order to enable the provision of information by BVBA SEOBOOST to the visitor of the website, the user may be asked to communicate personal data such as name, e-mail address or telephone and fax number by which the user is identified.

BVBA SEOBOOST needs this information in order to be able to provide its services, to obtain billing information or to answer questions for information or, if necessary, to inform the user of exceptional values.

BVBA SEOBOOST respects the privacy of this personal information and has built in sufficient security to protect this information.

You can find more information about this Web Policy Through us Contact Form.

6. Detailed information about the processing of Personal Data

Personal Data is collected for the following purpose and through the use of the following services:


The services mentioned in this chapter allow the Owner to study and analyze web traffic and can be used to map User Behavior.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking (Google)

Google AdWords conversion tracking is an analytical service provided by Google, Inc., which links data from the Google AdWords advertising network with actions performed on this Application.

Collected Personal Data: data relating to Cookies and Use.

Processing location: US - Privacy Policy

Google Analytics (Google)

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google uses the collected Data to track and investigate the use of this Application, to produce reports regarding its activities and to share it with other Google services.

Google may use the Data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads within its own advertising network.

Collected Personal Data: data relating to Cookies and Use.

Processing location: US - Privacy Policy – Opt Out

Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting

These services allow this Application and its partners to inform, optimize and serve advertising based on the earlier use of this Application by the User.

This activity is performed through the tracking of Usage Data and through the use of Cookies, information that is passed on to the partners who manage the remarketing and behavioral targeting activities.

AdWords Remarketing (Google)

AdWords Remarketing is a service for Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting provided by Google Inc., which links the activity of this Application to the Adwords advertising network and the Doubleclick Cookie.

Collected Personal Data: data relating to Cookies and Use.

Processing location: US - Privacy Policy – Opt Out

AdRoll (Semantic Sugar, Inc.)

AdRoll is an advertising service provided by Semantic Sugar, Inc.

Collected Personal Data: data relating to Cookies and Use.

Processing location: US - Privacy Policy

Contact the User

Contact form (This Application)

By entering their Data on the contact form, the Users authorize this Application to use this data to answer information requests, contests, or any other type of question as indicated in the heading of the form.

Personal Data Collected: Company Name, Email and Family Name. 7

7. Third recipients

BVBA SEOboost uses systems or services from third-party suppliers, whereby it is possible that the supplier also has access to data from our customers. Some of our suppliers are based in the US. These parties are certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield or there are contractual agreements on an appropriate level of security.

For an application, assignment and possible use of a domain name, SEOboost BVBA fulfills a role as an intermediary (registrar). Your request will be passed on to the relevant registration authorities, such as DNS Belgium. The authority decides on the allocation of your domain name. In order to make registration possible, BVBA SEOboost will pass on your application details (contact details (name, e-mail address, telephone number and correspondence address) to these authorities.
Personal data is exchanged within the group of BVBA SEOboost. If you are a customer of BVBA SEOboost, we also see you as a customer of the other companies that belong to the group of BVBA SEOboost. BVBA SEOboost does not sell personal data to third parties.

8. Your rights

Everyone has a number of rights under the AVG. You can request BVBA SEOboost to inspect which personal data we process about you. It is also indicated how and why we process that data. If BVBA SEOboost processes incorrect or incomplete data, we will adjust this at your request. You can also request removal. It is possible that BVBA SEOboost is obliged to process the data for other purposes (administration, tax retention obligation). If you suspect that we are processing your personal data unlawfully or incorrectly, you can also limit that processing. You can also object to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes or other purposes. The right to data portability is new under the AVG. You can ask BVBA SEOboost to transfer or have your personal data transferred. Finally, you can revoke a given permission to receive the newsletter or another processing.
You can arrange most of the aforementioned rights yourself via the SEOpanost Customer Panel. Of course you can contact us via [email protected] to make use of your rights.

Do you think that SEOboost BVBA does not act in accordance with privacy legislation? Or do you have any comments or questions, we would of course like to hear this. From 25 May 2018 you can also submit a complaint to the AP.

9. Security

BVBA SEOboost has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures and monitors and protects all its services (in) visibly against abuse and fraud. BVBA SEOboost also engages third parties in the performance of its services. To the extent that these third parties process (personal) data when performing the services in question, they do so in the capacity of processor. The processor in question naturally only receives the necessary data and is (contractually) obliged to use an appropriate level of security and to handle personal data with care. Moreover, personal data is not stored any longer than necessary. BVBA SEOboost is legally obliged to store traffic and location data for judicial investigation and investigation purposes on the basis of the Telecom Data Retention Act.

10. Ask

If you have questions or comments about this privacy statement, we would of course like to hear it. Let us know via [email protected]

11. Change of Privacy Statement

BVBA SEOboost reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement.
April 2018
This is the Privacy Statement of BVBA SEOboost - Webshoptime, established in Otegem, Mussestraat 16 Belgium, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce number: 0686853238
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