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2 factors determine the success of your website

1. The number of visitors

People find your website via search engines, external links, advertisements that you make through other media, etc. Search engine optimization is an option to attract even more visitors. Your advantage: extra visitors means extra customers, extra orders, etc. in the long term.

'The more, the better' is not always the best principle: your visitors will only benefit your website if you can quickly give them what they are looking for. Only then will your website provide conversion.

2. What determines the success of your website?

Conversion: how many visitors become customers of your company, or find the right information, or contact you. You realize conversion when your website reaches its goal.
A goal can be:

2 factoren bepalen het succes van uw website 1

  • Place an order
  • Fill in a (contact) form
  • Place an order
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Download a file
  • Visit a specific page

The quality of your website determines how much conversion you realize.

Your advantage: visitors do not go back to the Google results page but stay on your website because they find what they are looking for. That's how they become your new customers.

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